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Name                                                    : Johnny Wong
Age                                                        : 39
Qualifications                                   : MBA, University of Strathclyde (2014)
Job title                                               : Senior Technical Consultant
Employer                                            : Hewlett-Packard Malaysia

I’m delighted to complete my MBA study not only because it enhances my academic profile, but also gave my personal development a tremendous growth. Being with this programme also enables me to establish a connection with an international community from a diversely cultural and industrial background.

I remember vividly the day I decided to enrol in Strathclyde MBA programme and it was with the aim of developing my long-term career prospect and establishing a professional network. Now I can say the outcome of this MBA programme has met above my goals and expectations. My analytical and critical thinking and business acumen skills were honed with the completion of individual and group coursework in different subjects of MBA. Furthermore, the Strathclyde Business School has a strong reputation and I’m able to access their network of MBA alumni through the social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. All these soft skills and hard skills endowed me to work with in-depth thinking and well-rounded personalities in my current and future endeavours.

In the retrospect of five years, there are so many changes I’ve gone through, from single life to married life to parenthood with two beautiful children. Now this is the intriguing part that you will question about the possibility to do part-time MBA with a full-time work and family. I will certainly say yes but of course with few caveats. Some of my classmates had the same situation like me in juggling their MBA study with parenthood. Nurturing young infants while working on assignments and exams in the late nights is indeed a big challenge but it does involve some trade-offs. For example, I was not able to socialise as much with the cohorts after the group discussion and had to choose the right timing that everyone can participate in. On the other hand, after attended the strategy management classes, I could start to use different strategies to cheer up my little bosses when they throwing tantrums and change the nappy without upsetting my key customers. I also adopted the reframing approach to gain the holistic picture to resolve the frictions at home or at the workplace.

As you can see, deciding to do a MBA with family and children is not impossible mission. You’ve got to consider this as an investment and gain the support from your family to pursue this learning process with effective strategies and time management. I’m grateful to have a supportive wife who understands my bouts of learning new knowledge. I am also lucky enough to meet many brilliant people from different classes and established good friendship with them. Now I have come to the stage where I need to move up to the next level of competency and take on bigger responsibilities in my career. Hope I have convinced you and would be glad to hear about future mums and dads stories at Strathclyde Business School.

Johnny Wong family21

Johnny Wong and family