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Name: Himadri Patnaik

Degree: Full-Time SBS MBA

Batch: 2013-2014

Now, when I am standing at the finish line of the MBA program, I want to unfold my exhilarating experiences of the Strathy-MBA, which I bagged during the 1 year journey. Rewinding this journey by 1 year, I would say it was not an easy ride at the beginning as it was not only difficult for me to adapt to – the academic routine which I had left about four years back, but also to the cultural and professional diversity of the cohort.

Gradually as the course accelerated, I became more and more involved with the class structure, the syllabus and the daily routine. In comparison to my technical/engineering back ground where a more prescriptive/focussed mind-set is required to deal with the assigned tasks, here the call was for a broader mind-set. The aim of my MBA was to transit from the technical side of the corporate world to the business side, to hone my soft-skills, to gain knowledge of global business practises, and more importantly a fundamental understanding of the functionalities of different divisions of the organisations. The class lectures, the informative talks, case studies, rigour group discussions and debates, company presentations etc. covering specific areas of the programme have a deep impact on my professional growth.

It was really a challenge for me was to undertake Finance modules and to get well versed with the terms and methodologies of the finance world. I wouldn’t say, now I have become a pro at it but I have a basic knowledge on it which will help me doing finance statements analysis, stock market analysis and so on. This turned out to be one of the key learning of the programme that I take forward to my future endeavours when I decide to move the corporate world or making job searches. A big thanks to the professors.

One of the major reason for pursuing the MBA at Strathclyde Business School was to get well versed with the culturally and professionally diversified cohort. Initially it was an issue for me to get compatible with diverse cohort and mainly I faced this issue while doing team works .The challenge for me was how to justify or put forward your point and to respect others views at the same time. This experience taught me to understand others’ perceptions, gain group consensus in order to get the work done. Observing their behaviours, their attitudes, and their thinking have gone a long way towards inflicting a multifaceted-dimension to my persona.

Finally the dissertation. This is the best thing that I had from this MBA. I had to work on a topic which was not the area of expertise for me or my group. But we took the challenge and it was completed successfully. Not only it gave an extensive knowledge in the field of marketing, but also it provided the opportunity to exploit the potential of my team members in the best possible way. Honestly it gave me a feeling of self-contentment.

Apart from the academics, I had a great time with my friends. I can never forget the celebrations we had in the Ark, although the next day morning I could hardly remember what happened the last night – Lots of Fun!! Altogether it was a great journey which is about to end.

Thank You!!

Himadri Patnaik 4 September 2014

Himadri (front right) and classmates