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To decide to pursue an MBA at 39-with almost 10 years of experience – is not the easy nor the usual way to do things. But there is a time in your life that you will face the “fight or flight” dilemma where you have to decide whether you will stay in your current comfort and routine or you’ll choose a more difficult and insecure but more promising path. Rose up the second with courage and determination, had few hesitation and regrets for my decision and felt quite confident, relaxed and full of expectations.

Stress and agony for the new I hadn’t, since this is my second time, before 10 years I did my MSc in Scotland, but expectations for the new experiences based on my memories from the previous educational journey was the major feeling.

Moreover, the MBA challenge itself and the name and the reputation of Strathclyde – which Ι cared to confirm from different sources back home and in UK – as one of the leading business schools in the world made the pre arrival period on August quite easygoing.

Of course the invitation to take part on the Strathclyde MBA club in Facebook helped a lot, I had the opportunity to meet my future classmates and to learn things about the course and the city. Needless to say that the university staff contributed by sharing many info about the schedule of the course, the pre arrival directions and info about the city. So, in August I did all the arrangements back home and in the beginning of September I landed to Glasgow.

Struggling between finding a permanent flat to rent and the necessary adjustments that demanded the removal to a new country, the first month was a little bit uncomfortable. But I did not miss the chance to hang around  the city centre and to receive the city’s aura. Glasgow is a city with character and personality. The medieval gothic architecture buildings in the centre are very well-preserved and the  feeling that exuded is a from a different era and I dare to say it’s a picture removed from a fairytale.

George Square - at the heart of the Glasgow's City Centre.

George Square – at the heart of the Glasgow’s City Centre.  University of Strathclyde is located just behind the City Chambers seen here

Glasgow is a very vibrant city, easy to realize this by walking in the street and seeing lots of pubs, restaurants, bars and venues. Additionally, museums galleries and cultural events give the impression that here you have many things to see and to do, so I think that I will not get bored at all the next year. And of course a fantastic shopping market with many malls in every corner combine the picture of a modern and alive city that the future lies ahead.


Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Buchanan Street, a Glasgow shopping experience

On 15th and 16 September we had the induction days and a warm welcome from both academic and administrative staff. To be honest, although familiar with the kindness and the sincere interest of the Scottish, I felt very welcome and acceptable. And the best part of all in the beginning was the meeting with the new classmates. What a pleasant surprise the fact that students from 18 nationalities, from all around the world, pursued this MBA class. The diversity in the full extent.

And the classes started from Wednesday 17th with the Learning Manager, following by the EIBE (Exploring the International Business Environment) and the MPIO (Managing People in the Organizations) with 2 career weeks in between. The current moment that these lines are written, and for the next 2 weeks,  we are starting the last before December exams module, the Operations Management. The modules are quite interesting and educational, even for the more experienced students that have the opportunity to learn and to revise at the same time. The time table schedule is  well-balanced among lectures, team work assignment and personal studying as well.

Although in the beginning of the journey I did not have much time, I managed to participate in some interesting social and university events. In particular, around ten days after the beginning took part the MBA meeting gathering at the Ark pub. It was a first good opportunity to relax all together and to meet each other outside of the stress that tiredness of the everyday tasks by having a few pints. In the end of October the class celebrated the Indian Dewali “the festival of lights“. My Indian classmates organized a spotlessly event in the Todd’s Students Accommodation building that will remain in my memory for a long time. It was a very enjoyable and unique experience for me to see and participate in a such important festival for Hindu.

Finally, major class events took place in the beginning of November when my class mates Thaya and Andrew celebrated birthdays consecutively in nice venues and the class, in it’s vast majority was present in both cases. Nice, touching and important-especially for the beginning of the academic year were the bonding process takes place, these moments promise an interesting and stimulating experience both in and outside the class.

But except from class events, I had the opportunity to attend to a university event and to hear a very interesting lecture. It was the second lecture in the series of “The New Enlightenment at Strathclyde” will focus on “Scotland’s Future Post-Referendum” which presented by Visiting Professor Sir Tom Hunter at Barony Hall on beginning of October.
Until now the journey has started with favorable quasi for me. Good mood, interaction, dialogues and exchange of experiences plus, the most important of all,  knowledge and useful learning. Workshops and practical learning are priorities, and combined with the necessary theory I feel that will enhance my knowledge and will expand my intellectual and international experience. I feel pretty good about my decision to choose this program and I feel that I have many things to learn here.