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17 February 2014 marked the first day of my embarkation on the MBA journey. With the encouragement and support of my family members and friends, I submitted my MBA application through the official website of University of Strathclyde on this day.   Heartfelt thanks to the MBA admission team for their efficiency in processing the applications. After going through the entire process, an unconditional offer was given in a timeframe of less than two months. The application of tier 4 visa and student accommodation went on smoothly as well.

I was extremely excited about the journey that I was about to venture in. Pursuing an MBA in one of the eminent triple accredited university seems to be a dreams come true to me.   Nevertheless, the feeling of uncertainty began to gradually creep in as the time approached closer to the departure day. Other than the commitment required in terms of financial and time,  I was indeed very doubtful about my ability to adapt to the utterly unfamiliar environment given this is my very first time travelling alone to a faraway land for such a long period of time. Another big challenge that I anticipated was the difficulty in transiting from the working life back to the academic routine after a lapse of six years. My mind was completely invaded by these uncertainties throughout the week before departure.   Despite the dilemma involved, I followed the planned schedule and arrived at Glasgow safely on 11 September 2014. I was truly amazed by the hospitality and cleanliness of this beautiful City – Glasgow. I knew at first glance that I would definitely enjoy being here for a year and couldn’t wait to explore more about the city.

Gratefully the university is located at a very strategic location which facilitates easy access to various amenities and tourist spots. You can effortlessly locate one grocery shop (Tesco Express, Sainsbury & etc) as and when needed. There are also several splendid places which are located just within walking distance from the university (to name a few – George Square, Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum and the list goes on).

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Another exhilarating aspect of the course is it presents ample opportunities to work and learn from people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. The current batch encompasses 48 students who are made up of 18 different nationalities. The experiences gained from the past 3 group based assignments were rather fruitful. Over a short period of time, I learned about the importance of teamwork and I believe this would be a great stepping stone for my future career.

It has been two months since the day I arrived. Reflecting what had happened in the past, I am certain that I have made the right decision for embarking on this MBA journey. Surrounded by a bunch of amiable cohorts, coupled with the conducive environment, I managed to settle down in a much quicker pace than what I first expected. I look forward to a more challenging and exciting year ahead!

Thumbs up to EIBE Group 1 !!!

Thumbs up to EIBE Group 1 !!! Woo Hooi Jew seen here 3rd from the right