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Let me try to demonstrate the full-time MBA experience not with a classic example of an iceberg telling you that as you get deep inside through the program you will see more about how great the Strathclyde learning environment is. Instead, I rather prefer to imitate this journey with an example of a mountain would be more appropriate because I wonder as much as you do that how this will end after reaching the top of this mountain. Maybe, that is the reason why the Strathclyde Business School gives each year of class a different name of Scottish Mountains. How cool that is, don’t you think?

When I flashback few months ago, getting accepted to the Strath MBA is just the visible side of the mountain. The preparation before the applications includes huge deal of effort, research and time that cannot be understood simply by one as deeply as the applicants themselves. Searching among the Business Schools and matching them with your priorities is definitely not a simple task. In fact, getting through that kind of tough process opens your mind up and helps you to figure what really matters the most for your MBA experience and professional development. Once Strathclyde Business School had accepted me, this was the part where I stand at the hillside of a huge mountain, feeling ready for a long lasting hike. Everywhere was grassy, full of flowers and plants, especially when you search around on the web site of the university and read through the blogs that enable you to find experiences such as this one. So far, the program met my expectations and I found the course fruitful which forces me enough to enrich my understanding of business management.

One of the most distinctive things that I realized during my initial time about Glasgow was the lively people. Just a small example that will help you to visualize, people in fact do compete each other to show you the right way when you are too busy looking at your city map without asking anyone. Even today I’m not sure why I am impressed so much about the people, maybe it is because I was not expecting this much but then again, the positive attitude of people living in Glasgow is impossible to omit. So is the attitude of MBA Team in Strathclyde Business School not surprisingly. Every single person is wiling the guide you and make sure you will get the most out of the full time MBA program. Full time program, full time support that is an important aspect of choosing a business school right? Well, it feels good of course to actually receive such attention from the Career Services during your studies, helping you to upgrade your position in the international job market.  And now I am not hoping, but I do know that I will get this support throughout the year.

In many terms, Strathclyde Business School is a “place for useful learning” and, as of today, I am glad to feel still the same about this expression, which really defines the Strathclyde Business School since the beginning of the program.  The journey now I am taking to top of the Mountain Fhada (the name of the Class of 2015) has already given me the opportunities to enjoy this experience not only in terms of the classes but also in terms of some practices as well. I hope to let you know how it is in there at the top of the mountain once I truly become a Highlander, or an alumnus I should say…
Onur Toreci – Full time MBA Student 2014/15

Beinn Fhada, Isle of Mull

Beinn Fhada, MBA 2014/15 class name