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Pursuing an MBA was something I always wanted to do after completing my undergraduate degree. As with anything academic, I knew it was going to be a challenge, made more difficult by the fact that I have dyslexia, a learning disability. Although this disability has never affected my career path, I knew taking exams and trying to learn all the information, especially anything involving mathmatics, would be a challenge.

Over the course of the programme, I have discovered different ways to help me study using modern technology. These tips aren’t just for those with a learning difficulty, but for everyone needing a little more clarity on some of the concepts taught in the classroom. There are many more websites and software available other than what’s on this list, but these were the ones that aided me most:

•  Voice Recorder Phone Application:  For those of you that remember tape recorders, this is the new version of that innovative devise. It’s great for recording class lectures, group presentations or anything else that can be reviewed at a later date. I’ve even used it in business meetings to cut down on note taking. The files can be large in size, but any recording can be shared on platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, email or messenger. These recordings are especially helpful when revising for exams or finalizing assignments.

•  Khan Academy:  Started by educator Salman Khan this free, online resource offers sets of easy-to-follow instructional videos in a variety of popular school subjects. I found it particularly helpful for subjects such as statistics and finance, but it’s also helpful for other areas such as Economics, Probability and GMAT Preparation.

•  APStatsGuy.com:  I personally struggled with many of the concepts in the MBA Quantitative Analysis class. After discovering this website, however, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the concept of normal distribution. Joseph Nystrom (known on his YouTube Channel as MrNystrom) is a long time high school math teacher who has received several awards for his teaching style. His videos are a bit quirky, but because of his high energy, you don’t easily forget the lessons. It won’t be as in depth as the class itself, but it is a helpful resource if you need to understand the basics.

• David-Hillier.com:  For the subject of Corporate Finance, there are probably no better videos than the ones by Professor David Hillier, the co-authored of the text book for the class. Each video covers a small section of each chapter breaking the book into digestible parts. He also has videos on Corporate Governance which could be beneficial for that particular class.

•  Tony Bell (YouTube Channel):  Similar to David Hillier’s videos on Finance, Tony Bell covers concepts on Financial and Management Accounting. It’s helpful as a review before the exam of different concepts, but keep in mind that Tony Bell is Canadian and therefore the accounting policies will be slightly different compared to the European system.

These are just some of the abundant resources available to aid students in the MBA study. The University of Strathclyde also offers supportive services including a Maths Skills Support Centre that is open to all students taking a mathematics course, a Resource Centre for career guidance and a full range of Disability Services for anyone needing assistance. If you do struggle with a learning disability, be sure and consult the MBA Administration team. They are extremely helpful and accommodating when it comes to each individual student’s needs. Everyone at Strathclyde wants to see the students excel in their courses and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.
Whether using resources available through the university or utilizing online sources, everyone should have the chance and ability to succeed in the MBA programme, no matter what personal struggles they may face.