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Our journey is nearing an end, as the Fada MBA class is now at the penultimate stage of the program i.e. the Strategy classes. The Strathclyde MBA is renowned for its expertise in this important aspect of business, and this was one of the main reasons for my choosing Strathclyde’s MBA program over other alternative business schools.

As a mature student I have to say that I started in September with some trepidation, as quite some time had passed since I had engaged in formal study. My initial fears were allayed firstly by the wise counsel of the MBA administrative staff who assured me that my work and life experience would be an advantage and secondly by the teaching staff who deliver excellent programs from their areas of expertise.  Group assignments and presentations have been an integral part of the course and this along with the core material in the classes will make me a more astute and effective manager when I return to the workplace.

The Full-time MBA program does require application on the individual’s part and certain sacrifices for the year that you undertake it. However, the wide divergence of students from different cultural and business backrounds, and their ultimate successes, is evidence that this is an excellent program which will bring rewards to all who undertake it and embrace the challenges that it inevitably will present along the way.

Personally I know the Strathclyde MBA will make me a more competent and confident manager and I’m looking forward to applying its competencies in the business world when I complete the final dissertation over the summer months.

Fada MBA group enjoying Chinese New Year

the Fada MBA class enjoying Chinese New Year festivities