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Ang Ai Leen graduated recently from our MBA in Malaysia with a Distinction and shares her experience here:

The decision to take up the MBA was a no-brainer for me, and even the selection of the school was an easy choice. Even whilst doing my Bachelor’s degree in engineering, I have always known that I would want to complement my technical knowledge with business acumen that can be gained through a good MBA. It was also a personal growth challenge for myself, as I am a firm believer that learning is a lifelong journey and am always eager to enrich myself. Strathclyde met all my criteria – it boasts a globally reputable MBA program and the part time schedule was in line with my requirement of not wanting to miss time in the workplace building experiences.

In the earlier days of my career, timing was always an issue, as I was working on shifts and was travelling quite a fair bit. Therefore, when I returned to Malaysia from a short stint in Indonesia, I knew the timing was right to pursue this dream of mine. In hindsight, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me, as I have had about six years of working experience and had just moved to a more commercial role at work. My working experience gave me a better appreciation of the MBA modules and the MBA gave me a better understanding of why certain management decisions are taken at work and has enabled me to contribute at work.

Juggling work and school was the biggest challenge that I had to face while pursuing the MBA part time. Although at times fleeting thoughts of quitting the program did float through my mind, I always knew that without a doubt I would stick by it and complete the program. It also helped that I was extremely lucky to have a strong support network – family and friends who are understanding of my schedule and constantly encouraging me. Another perk from taking the MBA is that you learn to manage time better, so that you do not completely miss out on your social life!

Ang Ai seen here on the right

Ang Ai Leen seen here on the right

To those of you who are thinking of pursuing your MBA, do it now, you will have no regrets – the rewards you reap and the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from it are immeasurable! Whether it is the academic knowledge or exchange of experiences from the interactions with the vast network of like-minded coursemates, you will definitely walk away a more balanced and enriched person. With the knowledge gained, your thought process and decision making becomes more mature, and consequently you will be able to take on challenges more confidently.