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Choosing to do a full-time MBA program is a challenge in itself.  Throughout the year thus far being in Strathclyde’s MBA program, I have managed to hone in on three key
lessons in order to keep a balance;

1. Time Management:  Be able to manage your time wisely throughout the program. As soon as the group projects begin in the first quarter, some project deadlines may overlap with the preceding ones.  This may get a little overwhelming, especially when you’re split between two different groups, and scheduling meetings can get a little hairy. Keep a schedule, know your deadlines, and be able to map out early on when you want to accomplish parts of each project by, both for yourself, and within the group.

2. School / Life Balance:  You still need to be able to live a little while doing an MBA. As I began the MBA program after moving out to Glasgow for work a year and a half
earlier, I had already established my groups of friends and routines / hobbies.  In starting the program, it was a bit difficult to split my time amongst my old work friends, studying, hobbies, going out, and still trying to socialise with my new MBA peers.  Just remember why you are doing an MBA and that will help you set your priorities straight.  I have still managed to keep my schedule intact with my training for running races, as well as see my old co-workers and local friends on a regular basis, balanced with group work, studying, and finding time to still travel abroad.  Definitely make it a priority to travel abroad when you are out here, especially when you find yourself in a slump, as it will do wonders of clearing your head to start fresh again when you get back.

3. Group Work:  If you have the opportunity, scope out early on whom you want in your group for the second and third quarters of the program.  This makes quite a difference.  I have been lucky enough to find people that I have met from prior group projects to form a group for the remaining quarters.  They are the ones that I know I will remain friends with even after this program, as we all look after each other, are able to focus and get group work done and meet deadlines, yet we still keep the balance of still having fun with each other and keep meetings light-hearted to get through them.

Finally, there is only so much stressing you can do.  At the end of the day, everyone is trying to get through the program, and I have been lucky enough to be in a group in which we carry each other through both in our project work, as well as in our personal lives.