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When I graduated from my engineering degree, I was passionate to continue post-graduate education in order to further extend my knowledge in my profession towards becoming an expert. However, financial circumstances led me to start my career in industry, which meant postponing my dreams.  In this way my professional career started where I gained lots of experience in the industry, at the same time I found the chance to identify what the industry needs, as well as shaping my mind on which areas to continue my personal development. After having enough industry experience I started making up my mind and MBA became my first choice but I was not sure how to start my journey. Fortunately, in 2012 after getting married I moved to Glasgow, and found that this was the perfect chance for me to materialise my dream of doing an MBA. In Glasgow, I have joined a company called JWF Process Solutions. With the support of my company I quickly adapted to the business environment in UK and decided that it was the right time to start my MBA.

The University of Strathclyde is very famous for their MBA education and therefore it was my first choice of school.  After being accepted to study an MBA at the University of Strathclyde’s Business School and completing my first academic year, I can whole heartedly say that it is a privilege to study here where I have access to internationally recognised lecturers who are well aware of the practical necessities that industry has.  Being a part time MBA student we need to dedicate practically all of our extra time from our work to attend MBA classes, conduct the course works, attend workshops and study. Therefore, it is a very demanding task naturally, but the MBA classes and the group studies are always practical which keeps us interested. Moreover, being a part time MBA student, I have the chance to test/practice the new theories that I’ve learned during my professional work, which is already contributing to my professional development and widened my perspective. It will not be wrong to say that good time management is a necessity when doing a part time MBA. I have just finished my first year, and even though, I needed to allocate most of my free time for my MBA studies, it was very enjoyable experience so far.

I am responsible for the project coordination at my company and I am additionally working to improve current work processes or develop new procedures. In my part-time MBA studies I have the chance to learn new concepts and theories that are directly related to my work so the time I spend for my MBA studies pays back at work. Utilising the knowledge I gained about other areas such as accounting, marketing, analytical decision-making etc., I widened my perspective and I can now consider more dimensions when focusing on my daily work and duties.

So far my experience has been a delightful one and for that I thank all the MBA staff members who are always there to help whenever I need. I now look forward for my second year where I will further enhance my abilities.