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Cory Brown pic for blog

Cory (38), originally from Canada, has lived and worked in the UK for the last 12 years.  Prior to joining us here at Strathclyde, Cory was employed as the Retail Operations Director with P&O Cruises.  Here he explains his reasons for deciding on a Strathclyde MBA..

“Over the past 10 years I have exceeded challenging sales targets, significantly increased revenues, and driven business growth by adopting a strategic and result-driven approach to people management. Although, I am extremely proud of my achievements, there came a point where I felt that it was important to do something for myself for a change. I wanted to take the opportunity to go back to university and further enhance my knowledge base. The MBA was the best option for achieving this.

To date, my education and experience at the highest level has primarily been in retail, travel and leisure and marketing management. I chose the University of Strathclyde, because I believe that it will help me to develop a whole raft of new skills and open up new avenues in the workplace. Beyond this, the Strathclyde MBA will give me a more holistic view of the business world, and provide me with the opportunity to develop a better-consolidated business network.

Above all else, I am seeking the knowledge and means necessary to transform my ambitions into reality. I am confident that the logical learning structure of the Strathclyde MBA course, coupled with my significant personal drive and motivation, will help me to fulfil my potential and achieve this difficult goal.”