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Name : Terrence Y S Ho
Age : 38
Qualifications : MBA, University of Strathclyde (2015)
Job title : Senior Business Development Manager,
Global Trade and Receivables Finance
Employer : HSBC Bank Canada

Terrence Ho_Photo (002)

My personal view on education is that it should first and foremost be to enhance one’s knowledge and network to be a better contributor at work and to society. Everything else that comes along with it is a bonus.

I have been with HSBC Group since January 1999 with 8 postings to date in Malaysia, China and now Canada, covering Global Trade and Receivables Finance, Commercial Banking and Retail Banking & Wealth Management. My role is offering value added working capital, supply chain and risk mitigation solutions to companies especially in the areas of global trade (imports and exports).

The MBA helped me to develop a framework, in addition to the one provided by my employer, in understanding the company’s business and needs better and faster (this can be a client or prospect) so that I can structure the appropriate solutions for them. It gave me a better insight to overall business management. The scenario planning modules were particularly interesting and useful to my work

I started the Strathclyde MBA programme on my 3rd posting in the bank when I relocated back to my hometown in Kuala Lumpur. The timing was great until I was successful in a secondment application to Shanghai, China later that year. The University understood my situation and I took a 2 years sabbatical. When I came back to Malaysia, I then jump started my MBA again.

I chose this particular course, offered by SBS (Strathclyde Business School) as it provides great coverage of the essential modules in business management. More importantly, it also covers crucial techniques required for scenario analysis – a crucial ingredient, in my opinion, in being able to make educated assumptions, have an all-encompassing view and prepare ahead when formulating a business model, strategy or plan.

Life after the course is a sense of achievement and accomplishment and I am already putting the knowledge gained into action at work, at home and in my community.

My advice for those who are planning to embark into an MBA programme is to make sure that you are able to make the commitment (time, resources, etc.) and stay focused until you graduate. Get a great support group to continue encouraging and motivating you to succeed (this may be friends, loved ones, family and co-workers. )
To quote Martin Luther King Jr: The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.