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In the eight years of my professional career, I faced many interesting challenges arising in executive and managerial jobs.  My technical and educational skills were sufficient to tackle them but I always felt a need to have a more structured knowledge about the management profession. Naturally, I was longing for an MBA and more so for one from a well reputed and internationally acclaimed business school.  Thus originated my journey to Strathclyde almost 3 years ago.

Well, preparation for education from a university abroad has its own sweet and savoury experiences.  The wide range includes the steps starting from the selection of university up to the arrangement of finance.  As the time moved closer for me to live abroad for the first time, I felt both excited and nervous.  I began to realise that going overseas to a university would be an important milestone in my life.  I had utterly no idea what I would face in an alien country, how different it would be to study in a new environment and so on and so forth.

Nevertheless, I held up my pervasive thoughts and convinced myself that I had made the right decision to go to Strathclyde Business School.  My self-persuasion was that I had chosen a path that would lead me to a brighter future rather than just trying to escape my current situation.  I had not indeed much thought about what I wanted to do after graduating from a top university except that I would be at the helm of a multinational organisation.  However, I guess that I had an insight that it would open me up to an extensive variety of options that I could not fathom at that time.

I made up my mind to work hard for the year ahead for the sake of my future.  I made a pact with myself before I departed with a dream to get the most out of my time at one of the top business schools in the UK – the Strathclyde Business School.

As a keen hiker and climber, Deepu thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Loch Lomond before the start of term.


On Sep 11, 2015, I bid goodbye to my friends and family members as I set off to achieve my next goal in life – “My MBA”.