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Shortly before I started the MBA programme at Strathclyde, I came across an article on Business Insider[i] in which 6 MBA students share their top tips with current MBA students in order to make the most of business school.

Out of those 6 tips I stopped at two, “prioritize” because you simply have to accept you cannot do it all and “give yourself a break”.  I didn’t believe we would have the time to “take a break”, and I didn’t like the idea of “accepting” I will fall behind. Having finished the first semester at SBS, I found those two tips to be the most valid. In addition to a few more tips:

  1. I will say it again, prioritise.  It’s inevitable, you will be at some point out of breath trying to catch up on all that you have to do. And because we are all humans, you have to accept the fact that you just cannot do it all the way you would like to. First things first, organise yourself and start prioritising the tasks at hand.
  2. Seriously, you need to take a break. There’s always something to do, and there’s always not enough time to do it, by taking a break you shift your focus for a very short period of time, relax your mind a little bit, and then you go back energised and refreshed. You can go to the gym or have a coffee with a friend, your pick.
  3. Plan ahead as much as possible. You know what your assignments are and you know when they are due, so get organised and have plan.
  4. Learn some time management skills, they will prove to be very helpful. Proper time management will help you be organised and stay on track. Try to be “2/3” done with your assignment before half the time.
  5. Focus on your goal. Why are you on this MBA programme? That’s your goal, never lose sight of it, and work through your studying to achieve it.

As we prepare to start the second term, I will keep those tips in mind, maybe add a few more if needed. Until then, I hope other MBA students find these tips helpful.

[i] http://uk.businessinsider.com/tips-for-making-the-most-of-business-school-2015-8?utm_content=buffer73548&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer?r=US&IR=T