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Name : Chiamein GOH
Qualifications : MBA, University of Strathclyde 2015
Job title : Strategic Alliance and Business Development Manager
Employer : MNC
Location : Europe (HQ in UK)

Goh Chiamein

Doing the Strathclyde MBA had indeed changed my perspective on my career choices and opened my eyes to see the difference I can make to an organisation. It also allowed me to switch jobs and to be on the management level in a completely different field. In addition, it opened doors for me to delve into social entrepreneurship, and this brings me great joy as social causes have always been close to my heart. I believe that opportunities do not just drop on your lap and this MBA programme is not an Ivy League school where companies come with job offers even before graduation. However, it is great value for money and the part-time studies provided the flexibility to keep my day job.

I did the MBA merely in the interest of learning a new subject, and did not expect that it would change my line of work. I started the course 5 years after gaining work experience. Working in a hospital environment where it was all about patient care has blinded me to the business side of running a hospital. The MBA has provided this other side of the equation for me, thus giving me a holistic view of what it means to have impact and profits and to ensure that the benefits are sustainable.

For me, one of the best parts of the programme was working with my MBA classmates, learning from one another, leveraging on each other’s strengths and absorbing different leadership styles to better manage a team. The engagement with numerous companies throughout our coursework also allowed me to see how  different businesses were managed and the how this contributed to the successes of these organisations.

My current role involves planning the strategy for new business units in the company as well as collaborate with new suppliers, clients and co-development partners on a daily basis. My knowledge gained from the course especially on strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation are particularly relevant for my current job scope. My job scope increases every few months as new opportunities arise, thus the broad range of business skills definitely help me to adapt quickly.

My advice, if you want to do well in the course, be prepared to put in the hard work and odd hours for at least 2 years, including working with your team mates through the wee hours of the morning and having to go to work the next day. Be prepared to sacrifice your social life and family time, because most of the after work hours would be devoted to coursework and studying (i.e. every evening and every weekend). However, at the end of it you will find that the benefit outweighs the cost. Enjoy the course while it lasts, because you will definitely miss the experience after graduation.