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When I joined Strathclyde Business School, it was clear that the faculty would bolster my ability to achieve my ultimate career goal to establish a framework that can enable the development of bespoke derivatives to meet the unique financial demands of burgeoning Sub-Saharan economies.

Strathclyde’s MBA course, which focuses on organisational strategies on both a micro and macro level, has helped me discover the importance of multidimensional analysis and evaluation, forward thinking, and objective aligned planning in the creation of strategies that enable companies to achieve their objectives within the world’s growingly complex and competitive markets. Furthermore, Strathclyde’s highly experienced lectures that regularly work with renowned institutions such as Rolls Royce and the UK Government Department of Health, regularly demonstrate how theoretical business strategies can be effectively implemented and supported in practice.


bruce pic 2

Bruce (seen here on the left) enjoying a drink with fellow students

Given Strathclyde’s reputation, the highlighted aspects of the MBA course did match my expectations. However, what I wasn’t expecting was how much I would enjoy living within Glasgow, which has been a pleasant surprise. Through my time living in the city, I have learnt that Glasgow is a calm and friendly city, surrounded by beautiful parks and scenery. It is very easy to get around Glasgow by foot, train and cabs, and there are so many different recreational activities to enjoy within the town. From restaurants that serve a diverse range of international cuisines and drinks, to traditional and modern museums and art galleries, there is a lot of opportunity to explore new and exciting experiences within the town. Glaswegian’s further add to experience by making socialising within Glasgow very easy as they are friendly, positive and jolly people, ready to jump into any conversation.

bruce pic 3

Socialising with MBA classmates

Therefore, as I continue to develop towards achieving my career goals at Strathclyde, I am pleased that I am completing my studies within the fun and friendly Glasgow. The town has definitely added another splendid aspect to my MBA experience.