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“You are a General Manager of an international organization, why do you need MBA?”

This was the question I heard when I enrolled in Strathclyde MBA program. I have been asked the same from my family, my friends, and my colleagues at Aramex.  It took me several months after I enrolled, to start asking myself the same question, it was hard to study, work & be a father for 4 kids.  I could not answer the question in a proper way those days, I even asked myself sometimes; what have you done to yourself Luai ?

After finishing the MBA, I can spend hours answering the same question, now I can go back to anyone who asked me and tell them that I gained a treasured life & work experience, I had a wide range exposure to large transactions, learned working under pressure and handling work load.  Although I was capable in performing my job accurately; I knew I was also able to take more responsibility and was eager to be assigned to a higher position where I could be more satisfied with my career.

The MBA helped me enhance my understanding of the big life picture, by building solid ground of how to look at things using various lenses and in a rational way of thinking that overcomes rushing into conclusions based on facts and figures. Truly, the challenge to me was in understanding the fact that a strategy is neither a process nor a checklist that has to be followed, but it is a perspective that is built and supported by analyses, evaluation and judgments.  It provided me with an effective framework for assembling, organizing and making sense of a volume of information gathered.  Also it helped me think through ideas generated in the conversation more effectively.

I have really gained a lot from undergoing this course, filling the gap between theory and practice.  Adding to that, my understanding has shifted from an initial understanding of entrepreneurial Leadership to a practical point of view that entrepreneurship and innovation within an organization is a lifestyle not a job to be done whether we like it or not.  I will ensure to have a continuous Entrepreneurial Leadership support and implement it to the growth of the company.  An important note to myself; if I am not an Entrepreneurial Leader myself, then I don’t expect others to share ideas and support the entrepreneur life style.

My biggest achievement during the course, was making friends, I can proudly say that; I have friends & connections all over Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

Finally, learning & knowledge limit is the sky, and not monopoly to the young generation or junior management, it is that an MBA entrepreneur not only breathes life into the company, but they also drill their values, desires, and work ethics.  If they cannot make and keep commitments, neither will the company or the employees.  It is important to be able to put forth what I have learned, gained & acquired during my course, and reflect that on my family, friends & work, to make it a better place for everyone.

A special thank you for Milushka & Elvin and I would like to thank everyone at Strathclyde University who made my dream true & turned me into a better person…